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Baru dan Jaya's production currently is supported by 23 office staff and 140 embroidery and digitizing factory workers in a 2000 sqm. factory with 20 computerized embroidery machines, monogramming machines, 5 units Gunold WINgs Commander & Navigator III and 1 unit Compucon Professional v1.10 digitizing systems, backed up with Embriomate Display & Backup facility and Screen Printing facility which makes our production capacity up to 200.000 pieces per month and an annual sales figures is around US$ 1.000.000.

Baru dan Jaya's main objective's is to expand our markets and to serve an International Market through quality products and fast service. At this moment we have many customers from all areas of the world, including USA, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Our Company is supported by people with a highly trained embroidery and digitizing staff with years of experience. We work as a solid team, and we all have a strong commitment to support the company to reach it's goals and objectives. In return we are always providing for the needs of our employees. We offer a comfortable working environment as well as many benefits for the staff including Housing, Health care and a Scholarship program.  Consequently we are able to recruit and keep the best embroidery and digitizing staff possible.

Our Company was founded in 1987 by Mr. Bambang Nurtanio in Bandung, Indonesia. From a small Home Industry, now Baru dan Jaya had expanded to be one of the most recognized embroidery companies. We are able to upgrade production operations to accommodate large volume customers without sacrificing quality in the embroidery process. We use only the most modern computerized equipment and offer very competitive pricing on our digitizing, patches, emblems and embroidery.

Our company always seeks the best possible way in increasing the quality of it's products and services to meet the needs of our customer. Our company mission is to give our customers the very best digitizing, embroidery, patches and emblems at the best possible prices while providing excellent working conditions for our entire staff.

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