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Picture Name Size Code #Stitches
IPTN Bandung 6cm x 8.1cm BJ22725 8928
Pertamina 6.38cm x 6.43cm BJ55399 10292
Randazzo 10.12cm x 5.14cm BJ24093B 8685
ROKON 8.9cm x 3.3cm D00814B 7750
Team Suzuki 9cm x 4.7cm BJ54588B 9433
Omajco Cleaners 9cm x 6cm BJ24231B 6698
NASA 11.3cm x 9.7cm D02350 7279
BMW 10.2cm x 10.2cm H02693 14062
GMC 10.24cm x 7.7cm H02417 14144
Capitol Guard Corp. 9.8cm x 10.8cm BJ24248 14101
Land Rover 8.5cm x 4.6cm BJ24219 6613

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